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Watermelon Baking Soda Science

We love themed baking soda science play!  This simple science experiment is  fun over and over again with a simple themed twist.  Today we added a watermelon theme to learning and playtime.  The kids loved it and I loved they were learning through play.  This

Baking Soda Science and Color Mixing

    My kids love the simple science activity of baking soda and vinegar. Big brother has tried it a few times but little brother had yet to really get a chance to enjoy it.  I set out to change that one afternoon by setting them up a baking soda

Baking Soda Science- Fizzy Fun

I saw a picture on pinterest for this activity .  The picture I pinned did not have a link but it was a little boy with a tray of baking soda and he was using a dropper to add colored vinegar to his tray. 

Apple Volcanoes Science for Kids

If you follow FSPDT activities and crafts then you know I have been on an apple kick.  Once I decided to plan some apple fun with the kids, the ideas just kept coming.  Today I am sharing a classic science experiment with a twist.

Fizzy Heart Valentine Science

   We LOVE baking soda and vinegar science.  Such a simple experiment that my kids love each time we do it.  I love mixing it up by creating a themed or holiday experiment from time to time.  Also having 3 kids all different ages

Bubbling Pine Cone Science

 Excited to be joining STEM Saturday!  Each week I aim to bring you a new STEM activity for you and the kids to try out.  The amazing thing is we will also get inspiration from the amazing ideas my fellow co-host share too.  See their

How To Make Apple Scented Soda Dough

We love making and trying different play recipes.  Today we used a fun recipe to make Apple Scented Soda Dough.   This one is a green apple scent so, a little different from our other scented play over the last few weeks.  I love it

Pumpkin Spice Fizzy Science for Kids

We love sensory play and we love science.  Anytime we put thew two together the kids just love it.  I love “hands on” learning and this Pumpkin Spice Fizzy Science is just that.  A great way to let the kids explore and learn all

Monsters Inc Science Fun

Simple science that doubles as sensory play is always a hit at my house.  This simple setup for playtime got thumbs up from all of them. Monsters Inc Science is great for multiple ages and easy to get ready for the kids. My kids

Ghost Volcanoes Halloween Science

Volcanoes, or fizzing baking soda, has been a go to activity for us at my house.  All 3 kids have been having fun with this simple science experiment.  I have been inventing new ways for us to play with volcanoes.  Today we set out to enjoy Ghost Volcanoes.    

Volcano Science Sensory Sink

Second day of Sink Play series with Little Bin and Little Hands. Today is science theme sensory sink play.  I have wanted to make volcanoes with the kids for sometime now.  When brainstorming for what we would do for our science sink volcanoes came

20 Simple Science Experiments Kids Love

Simple science with my kids is so exciting.  I love seeing their faces as we try new experiments out.  I often have just as much fun as they do seeing the end results of our science experiments.  I recently went through and compiled all

Blowing up a Balloon with a Bottle- science for kids

Anything to do with balloons is loved by my boys ( 3yr and 1yr).  I knew we had to try this Balloon science experiment out. Over at Mom To 2 Posh Lil Divas in here  Blow It Up! Exploring Gas with Balloons, Baking Soda & Vinegar it explained the experiment.