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Number Learning Gross Motor Activity

I have 3 boys ages 1-5 yr and they never STOP!  I know all kids like to go, go, go but all kids are a little different too.  Mine never stay still and always like to be busy doing something.  I can not say much as they take after me.

Gross Motor Action Cards

Gross motor skills are used in the large muscle groups such as the arms, legs, and, torso.  Gross motor activities are often a go to idea for my high energy kids.  We can work on improving their gross motor skills and burn off some

Stump Jump Gross Motor Fun

I have been wanting to add tree stumps to our outside playspace for a few years now.  I got lucky and my inlaws had to cut down a tree.  They already knew I had been on the lookout for tree stumps.  They brought us

Elephant Stomp Gross Motor Activity

My kids always get more excited about the bubble wrap that comes in packages than the item inside.  Needless to say, sometimes the item inside might not be to their liking.  But even if it is a toy… they still want the bubble wrap

J is for Jump Gross Motor Play

This month we are taking part in the Gross Motor A-Z Blog Hop hosted by Still Playing School head over to see all the fun ideas for this blog hop.   My kids are high energy, I never hide that.  They move from sun up

Gross Motor Water Play Ball Toss

  My kids love to throw the ball around.  It seems to be more fun in the house even though they know it is not allowed, lol.  So this afternoon I set them up a gross motor activity tossing the ball OUTSIDE. Now everyone

Alphabet Sort and Fine Motor Skills

I have been thinking of ideas for a fun and easy alphabet activity for the kids.  I love to find easy ways to help make learning fun for the kids.  This alphabet sort and fine motor skills activity is just that, fun and easy.

Fine Motor Skills Build A Snowman

I am always looking for something to entertain my kids.  My boys are full of energy and always on the go.  We can go through numerous activities before breakfast some days.  We are an everyday family so my kids have toys, books, watch movies,etc.  This day was

Snowman Ball Toss Game

My kids never sit still for long.  I am always looking for simple yet fun ways to keep them busy.  Gross motor activities are great to keep them moving and improving their large muscle groups.  This snowman ball toss game was a great gross

Potato Print Polar Bears

  We had so much fun with our Heart Potato Stamps last year that we wanted to try more potato print art.  After buying a LARGE bag of potatoes we were not able to eat them fast enough.  They started to sprout.  I kept a

Superhero Pool Noodle Pom Pom Shooter

Last year I really wanted to make the classic pom pom shooter with my boys.  Traditionally I have seen the shooters made out of plastic cups.  I set out to try this with much disappointment.  It just didn’t work for us.  After a moment of clarity while putting clothes in the dryer,

Pool Noodle Confetti Popper

We are still obsessed with our pool noodle pom pom shooters.  We get them out on days mommy needs a minute to get stuff done or we can not get outside…  The older boys 6yr and 3.5yr are really good with them.  Baby brother