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Halloween Slime Recipe

We love holiday inspired kid activities.  With Halloween coming up, the kids and I have gotten the Halloween boxes out for playtime!  The kids have not had slime to play with in a while so I made some Halloween slime  for an afternoon play

The Best Halloween Books for Children

  We love books at our home as most families probably do.  We can never get enough of them and there is always a new book we want to read.  I often share a photo on my FB page of books we have and love.  Today

Spider Cookies for Halloween

I love to find fun and easy treats to make for my kids during the holidays.  Treats that we can eat at home, take to class parties, or share with family.  With Halloween coming up I was not sure what we would try this

Halloween Activities for Kids

Here is a fun collection of Halloween Activities for you and the kids.  You will find arts and crafts, play activities, science, and a few yummy treats here for the holiday.  All you need to have a little fun with the kids this Halloween.  These

Halloween Crafts for Kids

There are so many awesome Halloween Crafts for Kids out there.  We love crafting even more during holidays. Halloween Crafts have been a fun way to stay busy on rainy days. And my kids love getting the paint, glue, and googly eyes out and

Fun and Easy Halloween Party Food

We love finding fun and easy Halloween party foods.  Something I can use for class parties or just something special for the kids at home. We have tried some fun snacks and treats over the years.  I have been looking for new ideas for

Fingerprint Halloween Treat Bags

I just loved how our Fingerprint Reindeer Wrapping Paper turned out last year.  So when I got to thinking of how to decorate Halloween treat bags, fingerprints came to mind.  I had no clue at first what I would make out of the fingerprints

Halloween Sensory Noodles Play Activity

This is our first Halloween Sensory Play Activity.  We have not done a lot of Halloween play or crafts in the past.  My oldest is just now in preschool (2012).  Now that the kids are getting older I thought I would set them up a Halloween play

Frozen Skull Paints for Halloween

I have been wanting to try frozen paint with the kids for some time now.  After seeing Debs Paintsicles. Frozen paint cubes for creative fun. on Learn with Play at Home, I knew the kids would love it. We tried frozen DIY Apple Scented “paints” but they were

Halloween Frozen Goop

We first tried goop in 2012 and the kids loved it.  See it here How to Make Goop.  Ever since, we have only played with “goop” a few more times.  Our sweet potato ooey gooey fall table was fun last year.  I even got

Halloween Playdough Recipes in 3 fun Scents

It’s no secret, if you follow my blog, that we LOVE playdough.  I love making it and setting up invitations to play for the kids.  The kids love playing with it and are always happy to sit down for PLAYDOUGH.  I must admit I