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Flower Card for Mother’s Day

We love making our own cards for special occasions.  I often just let the kids come up with their own style for the card.  They are usually for grandparents or aunts and uncles who love what ever scribbles they get.  One evening my oldest

mother’s day ideas

Mother’s day will be here before we know it.  Here are a few links to look at for mother’s day ideas. *  this one had cars, crafts, work sheets…. *  this one has coloring pages, poems, worksheets… * gift canister craft *  clip art

DIY Clay Bowl

Mother’s Day will be here before I know it.  So I told myself to start thinking now what we might want to make for the grandmas.  DIY clay bowls sound like something fun for me and the kids to make together.  They could make

Best Kid Crafts of 2015

We had a lot of fun with arts and crafts last year.  From simple paper plate crafts the kids loved to DIY gifts for family and friends.  My clay bowl the kids made me for Mother’s Day was my favorite gift from last year.

Popsicle Stick Flower Craft

I love flower crafts that the kids can give me to set on my desk.  These are often better than real flowers for 2 reasons: they helped make them and they last longer.  This flower craft would be a great mother’s day gift idea

Butterfly Footprint Art

 A few years ago I made butterfly footprints with  the baby brothers.  This was part of our Mother’s Day decor for the art wall in the house.  They were so cute!  I never got around to blogging about it.  I have told myself  I

10 Ways to Craft and Play with Recycled Materials

  This month ATK series brings you a fun series on ways to use recycled materials in play activities and crafts.  This month’s participants are Sugar Aunts, Mamas Like Me, Crayon Box Chronicles, House of Burke, Fun A Day, and us, FSPDT.  Each of us have some

DIY Eucalyptus Spearmint Hand & Foot Scrub

My sister loves to get crafty too.  I think we get it from our mom.  She has been crafting and baking with us since I can remember.  My sister asked if I thought you all might enjoy a hand scrub recipe she tried and I told