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Thanksgiving Books Kids Will Love

  My kids love books and I do too.  Over the years we have never collected a lot of Thanksgiving themed books.  So last year I set out to fix that.  I ordered the kids a few new books.  This year we are still

10+ Thanksgiving Ideas Kids Love

Here on this 10 Things Kids Love are Thanksgiving ideas for kids since it is right around the corner for us here in the USA.  This has always been a fun time of year for me and the kids to try out new ideas and

Thanksgiving Activities for Children

  Welcome to Mom’s Library!     Very Excited to be joining Mom’s Library Link Up as a co-host today.  Mom’s Library is hosted by True Aim.  Mom’s Library is a place filled with parenting tips, activities for kids, stories, crafts, recipes, and more! This post contains a

Yogurt Cup Turkey Thanksgiving Craft

Go ahead and laugh because I am but I have to admit these yogurt cups on the counter inspire me to create new art and craft projects with the kids.  We have made Yogurt Cup Wind Chimes, Yogurt Cup Monsters, and now why not a Yogurt

Scarecrow Potato Print Craft

I know I know.  More potato print crafts! Yes, more potato print crafts.  But how fun and cute are they. This mama was determined to put those sprouting potatoes to good use. It was so much fun seeing what all we could make out

The Best Halloween Books for Children

  We love books at our home as most families probably do.  We can never get enough of them and there is always a new book we want to read.  I often share a photo on my FB page of books we have and love.  Today

Turkey Paper Bag Puppet

For us, Thanksgiving is our next fall holiday!  I love spending time with my family for a great meal on Thanksgiving day.  Not that we ever need an excuse to get together for a meal.  As much as I enjoy spending time with my

Pumpkin Scented Sensory Play Ideas

I had so much fun putting together the Apple Scented Sensory Play Ideas post that I set out to create a Pumpkin Scented Sensory Play Ideas post too.  Apple and pumpkin are two of my favorite scents in the fall. Adding those scents to playtime

Fall Books for Children

We love books and we love fall!  So what better than to go on a hunt for the best fall books for children out there.  We have many fall favorites already but we always enjoy adding a new book to our collection.  There are