A Gift From The Heart: Teacher Appreciation Gift

Yes, there is a week dedicated to showing your teachers appreciation. You it is a great time to show teaches some love. However, we like to show them a little appreciation throughout the year for the hard work they put in teaching and caring for our children.   So whether you want to give them a gift during teach appreciation week or just a little something during the year here is an idea for you.
Send In Breakfast For The Teachers
This simple yet from the heart gift idea for teachers. It is great for even little kids to help with ( that may be in a preschool program or day care to take part in).  My son just loved packing breakfast for his teachers. 
What we used
brown bags
pink hearts cut from construction paper
What we did
I let my son color on the hearts.  I wrote out “something kind for you for always being so kind to me”.  We put the muffins and notes down in the bags.  I wrote their names on the outside on the bag and put them in my sons book bag.
The teachers loved this simple gift so much I received a txt not long after my son got to school thanking me for their breakfast.   So glad they enjoyed it.  Maybe your child’s teachers could enjoy this idea too.
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