A-Z Science Experiments for Kids

I am so excited to share with you a fun new series… A-Z Science Experiments for Kids.  Over the next month we will cover A-Z of science experiments giving us all lots of inspiration for experiments to try with the kids.  Science with young kids is a great way to let them be hands on while learning.  Introducing the basic ideas of  science to kids gets them thinking outside of the box and leaves them questioning how things work and why.  We almost always start our science experiments with the question “what do you think will happen”?  I love to hear their ideas before we start.  I also love their follow up questions and/or observations at the end of our experiments too.  Often they notice things I do not.  So get excited with me and follow along for a fun month of science fun and learning for the kids.

complete List of A-Z Science Experiments for Kids




 A-Z Science Experiments for Kids



A is for Absorption  on  Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tail

A is for Absorption Science for Kids


B is for  Bernoulli’s Principle Tissue Paper Glider on Sugar Aunts


C is for Chromatography Experiment on Rainy Day Mum


D is for  Displacement Experiment on House of Burke


E is for Electricity: Saltwater Conductivity Experiment and Electric Eels  on All Done Monkey


F is for Friction Experiments for Kids  on JDaniel4’s Mom


G is for Gravity Experiment with Paper Clips on  Buggy and Buddy

defy gravity with magnets and paperclips


H is for Hoovercraft on The Pleasantest Thing 


I  is for Incline Plane Experiment on  Kids Play Box


J is for Jupiter Fizzing Planets on Fun-A-Day


K is for Kenetic Energy Expeirment on Inspiration Laboratories


L is for Lava Lamp Experiment on Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tail

Lava Lamp Experiment for Kids


M  is for Magnet Powered Car on The Science Kiddo


N is for Newton’s Laws on Rainy Day Mum


O is for  Osmosis made easy on Science Sparks


P is for Homemade Pulley on Little Bins for Little Hands


Q is for Quicksand Density Experiment on Lalymom


R is for Rainbow Science for Kids Exploring Prisms on Buggy and Buddy


S is for Slime  basic science on Little Bins for Little Hands


T is for Tornado in a Jar Science on Coffee Cups and Crayon

How to Make a Tornado in a Jar! A cool weather science experiment for kids!


U is for Underwater Sound Experiment on Still Playing School


V is for Vinegar Science Experiment on Craftulate


W is for Windy and Cool Science Experiment on JDaniel4’s Mom


X is for Bottle Xylophone on Science Sparks


Y is for Yo-Yos  Simple Experiments for Kids on JDaniel4’s Mom


Z is for Lego Zip Line on Little Bins for Little Hands 




What an amazing collection of science experiments for the kids!  A big thanks to all the fabulous bloggers that took part in this series.  This is my go to list for us to work through.  I want to try them all.



Must Try Science Experiments for Kids



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More Science Experiments for kids:

Ice Cream in a Bag Simple Science

ice cream in a bag recipe


Gummies Science

Gummies Science for Kids

Rainbow Rocket Science


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