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I once worked in the medical field working long hours taking care of people and have now traded that in for being a full time wife and mommy.  I still work long hours taking care of people but it pays me so much more than my last job.  I have the best pay check, lots of hugs, kisses, and laughs from my boys.  I wouldn’t trade it for the world, even on days I want to pull my hair and hide in the bathroom,lol.  Yes, I have those days too.  My husband(when home) and I love making lasting memories with our boys no matter if it is just sitting in the floor with them playing cars, creating a new playdough creation, or taking them out on new adventures.  Family is very important to us.

I love finding new and fun way to spend time with my boys.  After sharing pictures of some of the things we would do on my personal FB page, I had request for directions, instructions etc… from family and friends.  I thought an improved way to share with them would be a blog.  I had no idea when I created this blog it would turn in to a love of mine.  I truly enjoy sharing the things we have found delight in with others.  I do not need fame and fortune( although the fortune wouldn’t hurt) from my blog.  I do hope that the family, friends, and other great readers like you can find at least one idea to enjoy with your family.  That makes it worth it for me.

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