Alien Sight Word Activity

The kids always have fun with the “feed the ——” activities.  Hungry Penguin Learning Game For Kids was a huge hit with my kids. The kids and I love finding fun ways to play and learn.  The Alien Sight Word Activity is great for both.  My 4yr wants to read like big brother and asked to learn sight words.  It made me smile that he is so eager to learn.  I thought this sight word game would be great to review with my oldest and give my 4yr a chance to be exposed to sight words as well.  They both had a lot of fun playing and learning with their alien.





Alien Sight Word Activity for Kids


Alien Sight Word Activity



What we used/ supplies:


craft foam sheets


pipe cleaner – thanks for the free goodies


giant googly eye






neon green paper


kleenex tube- a kleenex box can be used too.


What we did/ how to make:


Take one piece of green paper and wrap around the tube.  I used tape to tape it on.  I folded the bottom under and taped it as well.  Cut the pipe cleaner in half.  I took the top and wrapped around my finger to curl.  I taped the ends on the back of the tube. Now let the kids tape on the giant google eye.  Last I took the sharpie and drew a mouth.  Now it was time to feed the Alien.



I took foam sheets and cut them small enough to fit in the top of the tube.  I wrote out sight words on the small foam sheets with a sharpie.




Now the kids would pick up one sight word, read it, and drop it in the tube or “feed the alien”.  The kids love that this alien eats through a mouth in his head.  That is why having an alien is so fun.  You can use your imagination for where it eats and how it looks.


Alien Sight Word Learning Activity for Kids



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