Natural Baby Products

Happy to be trying out an all natural product from  Lemongrass Spa to share with you all.


I have been exploring more natural products for my family.  We recently had a chance to try out Lemongrass Spa, a natural and 97-100% chemical free product.  When I read the ingredients I smiled.  I love what is in them and what is not.  I opted to try out the baby care products.  I later purchased more products for myself.  They have such a wide variety of products.  I really like that they have makeup too.  I am slowly replacing my makeup bag with their natural products.  I admit I was not sure at first but once I tried them I just fell in love.


natural baby products



 Natural Baby Products


My kids have sensitive skin and often get dry patches in the cold months.  This is a challenge for me to find bath products that work.  I was up for trying out Lemongrass baby line to see if we could find a natural product that worked great for us.


This is what we tried:


New! Prebiotic Body Wash: Baby Blend


Baby Lotion Duo – I am in love with the vanilla and lavender scent of the lotion


Healing Elements 2 oz Balm – has 30 uses



The wash has been great.  No irritation to the skin and they come out of the tub all clean.  I feel better knowing they were not soaking in lots of chemicals but natural products.  The lotion has the nice calming scent we love.  It goes on smooth and after a few weeks of use the kids are smooth too.  I admit I have been sneaking and using it on my legs after shaving.  I like it too.  The healing balm has a lot of different uses but so far I have tried it on the dry patches on baby brother’s face and it has helped so much.  I had tried so many other products on these patches and they had not worked.  I am loving my face care samples.  I love homemade soap and bought the lemongrass bar.  Love it!  I am starting on the makeup and have a mascara so far.  My blush is on the way!  Now I find myself questioning all the other products we use daily.  We may not be natural overnight but I can start looking at labels closer and work toward using as many  natural and less chemical products as possible.  So glad I was introduced to this great product line.


 I am not a team member for Lemongrass Spa but do know and love the lady that introduce me to it.  You can follow along with Lemongrass Spa and their products on her product FB page.




If you try some of their products out I would love to know which ones you find and love.  They have a little bit of everything: bug spray, shampoos, makeup, sunscreen…




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