Alphabet Sort and Fine Motor Skills

I have been thinking of ideas for a fun and easy alphabet activity for the kids.  I love to find easy ways to help make learning fun for the kids.  This alphabet sort and fine motor skills activity is just that, fun and easy. This did not take long to make and setup and the kids can use it over and over.


alphabet sort and fine motor skills practice for kids


Alphabet Sort and Fine Motor Skills



Supplies/what I used:


  • kleenex tube
  • white cardstock paper
  • black, red, and green construction paper
  • sharpie markers
  • tape
  • scissors
  • buttons


snowman learning activity

I made the snowman to help bring more of a holiday feel to our game.  It also served to be great for fine motor skills by letting the kids drop the letter down inside the tube at the end.  Great way to store the alphabet pieces too.


How to make the snowman:


I took a kleenex tube (sure you can use a container or tissue box instead) and wrapped white paper around it.  I had to cut the paper to fit length wise. The kids helped tape the paper in the back.  Now I added eyes, nose, mouth with sharpie markers. I cut a hat out of black construction paper and glued on.  Then the kids helped glue on the buttons.  Now we had a snowman to help in our alphabet sorting game.


To make the alphabet cards just cut up green and red construction paper.  Then take a marker and write out the ABC’s.




Now it was time to play and learn.  I mixed up the ABC’s pieces and put them in a pile.  I put Mr. Snowman right there to help see if the kids could sort out the correct order of the alphabet.  My oldest was able to do this really fast.  Little brother needed more help but this is a great way to help him recognize each letter.

After we sorted the letters a few times the kids wanted to “stuff” the snowman with words.  Picking up the alphabet pieces and dropping them in the tube is a fun fine motor activity on its own.  For each letter big brother picked up he would come up with a word for it.  Example: A is for Apple.  This was fun seeing what they would come up with for each letter.


You could even make lower case letters and let them match up the upper and lower case letters as they sort.  I think we will try that next time.





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