Alphabet Soup Bath

Here is an easy to put together bath.  It is fun and educational for the kids.  My kids love to go into the bathroom to find a fun bath set up for them to enjoy.  

For this night I got out 2 bowls and spoons.  I added yellow and red fizzy color tabs we buy at walmart to the bowls.  I filled them with water.  I then got out our foam bath letters (we got these at walmart too).  I added a few to the bowl and wet the rest and stuck around the inside of the tub.  The boys couldn’t wait to get in.  They got to play and learn.  We went over colors and I went over how to spell their names with the letters.  They cooked up some yummy creations in the process.  I do not have any more pictures to share with you because they jumped in ready to play in the bath.  They did have fun. We hope you can have fun with this too.

Alphabet Soup Bath- 
cooking up some learning fun

Alphabet Soup Bath-  cooking up some learning fun

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