Apple Crystal Science Experiment

Some science experiments you can just never do too many times.  The crystal science experiment is one of them for us.  We first tried this when we grew a clover crystal for St. Patrick’s day.  Then we tried growing a crystal rainbow next.  Now we have moved on to Apple crystal science experiment for Fall.  We went back and made a pumpkin crystal experiment too.  My older kids just love how the pipe cleaners go in and the next day come out covered in crystals.  The little things in life are often the best.  Now the kids want to hang them up on the window for us to enjoy. I just have to find my suction cups I know we have in the house somewhere, lol.



Apple Crystal Science Experiment


Apple Crystal Science Experiment


apple crystal experiment

Supplies/what we used:






container– I used a take out plastic container because I could not find my large mason jars.  Seems I have a problem finding anything these days.


red, green, and orange pipe cleaners


large craft stick







How to make/ the experiment:


To start, take your pipe cleaners and form an apple and a pumpkin.  We used the green for stems on both.


Fill your container with boiling hot water.  Next add about 1/3 C borax and mix.


I took the apple and pumpkin and tied a string to it.  I tied the other end to the craft stick.  This gives you an easy way to lower it in the container and pull back out the next day.

pumpkin crystal experiment


The next day the kids could not wait to check to see if the crystal science experiment worked again.


Since we added the borax to hot water, we created a suspension. When the borax settles, it starts to form the crystals we see the next day.




Excuse my dirty window, but you can see how the kids want to display our crystal apple and pumpkin.  As soon as I find those suction hooks we will hang them up. But until then, we will start thinking about what we can grow crystals on next time.


pumpkin crystal science experiment




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