Apple Nachos

Apple Nachos have been on my to try list forever!  We finally got around to making them today.  Having a bag full of apples from the apple farm was inspiring. This snack was a  big hit with the kids.  I must say I wanted to keep the apple nachos all to myself.  But, I did share them with the kids.  I can see us making these many more times.
Apple Nachos Kid Snack Idea

Apple Nachos

kid snack

Ingredients/What we used:

peanut butter


vanilla chips



How to make Apple Nachos:

I peeled the apple to start.  Then I sliced the apple.  I placed it on a plate.  I put peanut butter in a small microwave safe bowl and microwaved until melted.  Then drizzled the melted peanut butter over the apple slices. My trusty sidekick was there to help me in the kitchen. 

apple nachos


Then we added a few vanilla chips and sprinkles to our peanut butter covered apples. 




The great part about apple nachos is you can add your favorite toppings to them.


apple nachos

Now to keep the kids from fighting over them, lol. I had to make another one quick.  Apple Nachos are a  fun, yummy snack for everyone.

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