Apple Rice: A Fall Sensory Bin

I LOVE fall.  The weather, the scents, the food, the holidays… You get the picture.  So getting excited to try a few new fall activities with the kids was no problem.  Apple themed and scent play ideas seem to be a favorite of mine.  This year I made Apple Scented Sensory Rice.  Here is what we did with it, an Apple Rice Sensory Bin.
 Apple Rice: A Fall Sensory Bin


Apple Rice: A Fall Sensory Bin

My 4 yr loves playing in rice.  Since little brother often pours it out while playing we don’t play in it often.  So for the start of fall I thought it would be a special treat for big brother to have a rice sensory bin to play in all his own.

 Apple Rice: A Fall Sensory Bin
What we used:
Apple sensory rice, plastic apples, plastic bin, containers, bowls, funnel  scoop, bottle tops, and napkins.  
 Apple Rice: A Fall Sensory Bin
What we did:
 Apple Rice: A Fall Sensory Bin
I set the sensory bin up.  When little brother laid down for a nap I set it out for big brother to play with.  I put the smaller bin into a larger bin so to try and save the rice that got spilled out of the bin. Now the loose rice could be poured back into the bin to save.  
I set the bin up so he could scoop and pour and make apple food… 
                    Apple Rice: A Fall Sensory Bin
However, kids often come up with their own ideas.  After pouring rice in the jar with the funnel he ran back inside and grabbed his trusty trucks and started to push and scoop the rice with them. 
 Apple Rice: A Fall Sensory Bin
just a few he brought out
Sometime even over here the things I get out for the kids are a fail. They come up with their own twist to the activity and make it their own.  That is just what he did with this bin.   I am glad he had fun even if it was with the trucks and not the bowls.  He played for 30 minutes all by himself.  This is forever at my house.  He may have played longer but this was a hot day and I made him come back in to cool off.  We were able to save all the rice in his bin.  He is already dying to get the bin back out the next time little brother takes a nap.
As always we hope you can enjoy this idea too.  This bin is great for sensory play, imaginations play, motor skills and hand eye coordination.

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Fall Sensory Bin

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