Apple Scissor Skill Craft and Coloring Page

We have been doing a few easy apple crafts/activities at our house lately.  With fall in the air and my son starting back his 1/2 day preschool, apples were on my mind as I am sure they are for many.  This day we started with a simple color sheet(can print from link) and apple scissors skill craft( can print apple sheet from link).  My oldest did both of these and my youngest just colored his coloring sheet. ( 3.5yr & 1yr) 

Apple Scissor Skill Craft and Coloring Page

 Apple Scissor Skill Craft and Coloring Page

For the coloring sheets just print and then give the kids crayons, markers, pencils… to color.  We talked a little about the letter A and I wrote one on both of the coloring pages.  My oldest has since asked why we only had one apple to color.  So I guess I need to go back and print more coloring pages.

Apple Scissor Skill Craft and Coloring Page(my oldest coloring sheet)

For the scissors skill craft this is what we used and how we did it.
Apple Scissor Skill Craft and Coloring Page

What we used:  Apple sheet(can print above), red construction paper, scissors, glue.

Oh how he loves the glue.

What to do:  Let the child cut the red construction paper into pieces with your help.  Then let them use the glue to put the pieces on the apple sheet.  Easy and so much fun for my son.  He loves to cut paper and use the glue!
I again wrote out the letter A on his sheet and we went over what letter it was and that A was for apple.
Apple Scissor Skill Craft and Coloring Page

My son copied the letter A on his paper that I wrote.  This is his first time writing a letter, sorry had to share it was a proud mommy moment:-)  It looks a little crazy but you can see(in the leaf) it is an A.  I hope you and your kids can have some easy learning fun as we did with these activities.

Here is our Apple tree craft we did too.


Here are a few links for more apple ideas-
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