Easy Apple Sensory Bottle

Apples! I never get tired of coming up with apple themed activities for my kids.  I might even go a little crazy when it comes to apple inspired play.  This month’s sensory bottle series was all about Fall and what else would I want to do than an EASY APPLE SENSORY BOTTLE.  This also doubles as an I SPY BOTTLE.  The kids were able to help make it and just love playing with it now.  This might be my new favorite sensory bottle we have done.


easy apple sensory bottle

Easy Apple Sensory Bottle

apple sensory bottle


Supplies/what I used:


colored rice– I  used some of my leftover apple scented rice.  The smell was faint but the red color was still perfect for the bottle. Then I made some more colored rice in yellow and green.  The green is hard to see.  I should have added more food coloring.  See how to make apple scented sensory rice here.


voss water bottle


apple erasers




measuring cup 


how to make an easy apple sensory bottle


How to make an apple sensory bottle:


To start make your colored rice.  Once your rice is ready you are ready too.  Add the rice to your voss water bottle or other bottle you wish to use.




apple sensory bottle


My son loved helping with this part.  We added a little rice, then a few apple erasers, then more rice… We did not fill it all the way up.  I wanted to leave room so the rice would shake up easily in the bottle.


apple sensory bottle


Once the bottle is filled with rice and erasers put the top back on.  If you wish you can use tape or a hot glue gun to seal the bottle.


My kids loved shaking and looking in the bottle to find the apples.  We would go over the colors of the apples as they find them.  They would shake it more to try and hide the apples before looking for them again. Now we can not wait to make another sensory bottle soon.


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