April fools Bacon and Eggs

A simple last minute April fools activity for the kids.  Bacon and Eggs!  Easy to make and my kids just got a kick out of it.  I love the simple things in life that make us laugh.

April fools Bacon and Eggs

What you need: 

stick pretzels

yellow m&m’s

wax paper

vanilla chips or candy coating and  

Microwavable bowl and spoon.

April fools Bacon and Eggs

What to do:

put down wax paper, on the wax paper put down 4 pretzel sticks, melt vanilla, put a spoon full over pretzels, and last add yellow m&m.  Now let harden.  When they are ready you have a great April fool’s for your kid’s to give out, even if it’s just dad or grandma.

April fools Bacon and Eggs

Big brother did help but he didn’t want any picture’s today.  I don’t blame him I didn’t want mine taken either.

April fools Bacon and Eggs
The kids were so thrilled to serve daddy bacon and eggs.  I laughed so hard just listen and watching them laugh so hard when they gave it to him.
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