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The Best Halloween Books for Children

  We love books at our home as most families probably do.  We can never get enough of them and there is always a new book we want to read.  I often share a photo on my FB page of books we have and love.  Today

Beach Books For Kids

We love going to the beach in the summer months.  We are getting ready for an upcoming trip and I wanted to look for a few books for the kids about the beach.  I put together a list on Beach Books for Kids.  Hope

Beach and Ocean Themed Kid Activities

  We had so much fun last year exploring bugs for a Bug Themed Activities for Kids post.  The Beach and Ocean Themed Kid Activities were put together to inspire and help plan a summer camp week at home, school, or church…  This year Sugar

Pool Noodle Boats Water Sensory Bin

Last year I cut up some pool noodles for a pool noodle water bin. We have since had a lot of fun with these pool noodles.  One of the things we tried last year was pool noodle boats.  They kids had a lot of fun with

DIY Clay Bowl

Mother’s Day will be here before I know it.  So I told myself to start thinking now what we might want to make for the grandmas.  DIY clay bowls sound like something fun for me and the kids to make together.  They could make

Star Wars Tatooine Desert Sensory Bin

What better way to celebrate Star Wars Day than with a fun Tatooine Desert Sensory Bin!  Today is May the 4th or Star Wars day.  May the 4th or may the force, lol.  Just love the play on words.  As the boy of 3

Kid’s Artwork Candles

      It is time to explore a new book on Preschool Book Club.  This time we are reading Ish by Peter Reynolds.  This was a fun story to read.  We got a little creative-ish and made some fun kid’s artwork candles after

Easter egg wreath

Easter is right around the corner and I can’t wait to put out my holiday decorations.  This year I tried something new a DIY Easter Egg Wreath.  The wreath is not costly to make and easy too.  I just love the colors of the

Rainbow Rocket Science

  We have been having lots of fun making things fizz, erupt, overflow, and catapult across the driveway.  Today we are having fun shooting rockets into the air.  It was a bumpy start to our alka-seltzer rocket experiment.  You could call it a project

Snowman Ball Toss Game

My kids never sit still for long.  I am always looking for simple yet fun ways to keep them busy.  Gross motor activities are great to keep them moving and improving their large muscle groups.  This snowman ball toss game was a great gross

Potato Print Polar Bears

  We had so much fun with our Heart Potato Stamps last year that we wanted to try more potato print art.  After buying a LARGE bag of potatoes we were not able to eat them fast enough.  They started to sprout.  I kept a

New Year’s Erupting Volcanoes

 We had a  really fun NOON YEAR’S party last year.  The kids and I made party hats, and noise makers, I set up a balloon drop, and watched the Sprout Channel and followed their countdown to noon year’s.  We had cookies and little plastic

Sugar Cookie Cloud Dough

It is time for another fun play recipe!  This time, for 12 Months of Sensory Dough, we are playing with cloud dough.  So many fun recipes for cloud dough.  You can see how the kids and I played with it recently here:  Peppermint Cloud Dough.  When it