Back to School Sensory Bottle

I have been staring at these back to school erasers on my desk for weeks.  I wanted to do something fun with them.  I was thinking about a sensory bag but still was not sure.  Then when I saw Preschool Inspirations Ocean Discovery Bottle I knew what I would do with them.  A Back to School Sensory Bottle for the kids to play with.


back to school sensory bottle

Back to School Sensory Bottle



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Supplies/what we used:

*Voss Artesian Water Pet Bottles – 6 PK – we bought 2 bottles at grocery store.

*La Looks Gel #10 Wet Looks 20oz (Clear) (3 Pack) – we bought 1 bottle at store


*Back to school erasers from Dollar Tree.  You could look at Target or Walmart to try and find some like this.  Here is a link to apple erasers-
   US Toy – Miniature 3/4″ Apple Erasers, Ages 3 Years & Up (1-Pack of 144)


How to make/what we did:


I filled the bottle up little by little with the clear hair gel.  After adding a little gel I would put the erasers down on the side and push it down the bottle with the help of a paper straw.  The straw came in handy to help move the erasers around.  I repeated this until the bottle was full of hair gel and erasers.





Now we had a fun back to school sensory bottle to look at.  This was fun for all 3 of my kids.  They range from 2-6yr.  My oldest was playing I spy with it.  It is great for the youngest to go over colors, example: the apple is red.  You could even count how many buses are inside the bottle.






The back to school sensory bottle was a hit at my house.  Now if we could just keep putting off going back to school I would be happy, lol.



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