Back to School with Decorated Purell® Bottles for the Kids

I am a member of Mom It Forward Community.  This post has been compensated as part of a campaign from Purell® . All Opinions are mine.
Did you know Purell® Advanced is having a 30-Day Challenge? Studies show using this product 3 times a day for 30 days reduces your chances of getting sick.
The next 30 days will be full of fun and prizes. Each day there will be a new challenge to complete and if you complete it you get a new entry into the promotion.
With back to school coming up this is a great time for me and my family to make sure we are in the habit of keeping our hands clean. Teaching healthy habits to my kids is important to me.  Using hand sanitizer is one way to help reduce the amount of colds we get in the school season.  Adding simple decorations to the Purell® bottles gets my kids excited to clean their hands more often.  We look forward to this 30 day challenge. 
Back to School with Decorated Purell® Bottles #PURELL30 #ad


Back to School with Decorated Purell® Bottles for the Kids


More important info on the Purell® Advanced 30-Day Challenge:
How The Challenge Works:


On July 14, visit Purrell on Facebook or to register for the promotion.

Download the list of challenges and get the family involved.You all check back each day to complete another challenge.

Share the challenge with your friends through e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+ for even more chances to win.

You will receive:

  • 1 entry when you register for the promotion
  • 1 entry for every friend who registers for the promotion (limit 10 entries)
  • 1 entry each time you visit the Purell® Advanced 30-Day Challenge page on Facebook or at  (one visit per day)
  • 5 entries for videos, 2 entries for photos and 1 entry per story read


What You Could Win:

63 winners a day will receive  Purell®Advanced products
8 Weekly winners will receive a $100 Visa gift card
30 Grand Prize winners will receive a Healthy Family Prize Pack, including a variety of fun, healthy-habit forming gifts

I can not wait to start this challenge!  

How we decorated our bottles:
Back to School with Decorated Purell® Bottles for the Kids

Hand sanitizer is a part of our everyday routine here at my house.  We have it in the bathroom, in the kitchen, and it goes along with us on all our trips.  We use it at the grocery store, and at the zoo…etc. Adding simple decorations to the bottles gets my kids excited to keep their hands clean.

What we used:

Purell® Advanced hand sanitizer bottles


goo be gone to remove labels

Back to School with Decorated Purell® Bottles for the Kids

What we did:

I removed the labels from the bottles.  I used a little goo gone to get all the sticky off the bottle.  I then got some of our favorite stickers out for the kids to add to their own Purell® bottles. I gave them the 2 small ones that we could hang on their backpacks.

They were so proud of their own unique bottles to put on their backpacks.

Back to School with Decorated Purell® Bottles for the Kids
Back-to-School Tips:
As you get ready to send the kids back to school this fall, here are a few simple tips to help your family stay healthy throughout the school year. Keeping hands clean is especially important for school-aged children because they are spending most of their time in one room.

Backpacks & Lunch Boxes: Get kids excited about using hand sanitizer by hooking colorful PURELL Advanced JELLY WRAP™ carriers on their backpacks or lunch boxes. The prominent placement will be a good reminder to clean their hands. Look for the seasonal scents that smell good too!

Carpools: Keep PURELL Advanced hand sanitizer in the glove box, or hook JELLY WRAP™ carriers around the headrests so kids know they need to clean their hands the moment they get into the car.

Classrooms: Not all classrooms have access to soap and water, so pick up an extra 8 fl oz. PURELL Advanced pump for your child’s classroom while you’re shopping for back-to-school supplies – their teacher will thank you.

Field Trips: Every parent wants their kids to have hands-on fun, but after a day at the museum or zoo, you want them to bring home the knowledge, not the germs. Pack a PURELL Advanced JELLY WRAP™ carrier in their bag before they go, and remind them to use it before they eat and after the field trip.

Purses: At the end of the day, you’re running from one afterschool activity to the next, and it may be hard to slow your kids down to make sure they’ve washed their hands. Keep PURELL Advanced hand sanitizer with you so you can all have clean hands before and after each activity.  

 Purell® Be Well Network™: New Loyalty Program

The program promotes healthy habits and gives members a chance to earn points toward valuable prizes.

Join the
Purell® Be Well Network at or on Facebook and start earning points for completing specified online activities such as:
  • Posting information on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social forums
  • Engaging with educational content on
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In addition to prizes, members will also have advanced access to sweepstakes, special offers and product information.


Fast Facts about Purell®

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, proper hand cleaning is one of the most important preventative measures you can take to reduce your risk of getting sick.

When soap and water are not available, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer that contains as least 60% alcohol.

If hands are visibly dirty, it’s always best to clean them with soap and water, but new PURELL Advanced Sanitizing Wipes can now help remove dirt and eliminate germs. 

Scientific studies provide evidence that cleaning hands, including the use of an alcohol-based hand sanitizer like PURELL, reduces our risk of getting infections.

A recent study conducted by the makers of PURELL demonstrated that the use of an alcohol-based hand sanitizer can significantly reduce the transfer of a virus to the hands, and prevent germ transfer via commonly touched surfaces within the household.

In a study conducted by the makers of PURELL, absenteeism caused by illness was 51 percent lower in classrooms that used PURELL Hand Sanitizer regularly and implemented a hand cleaning educational program versus classrooms that did not.

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