Baked Mini Omelets

Mini omelets are not only great for breakfast but for dinner too.  They are easy to make and the kids can help too.  There are also a lot of ways you can mix them up.  Changing out the add ins give you a fun new version of the mini omelette the next time you make them.  These were a big hit at my house.

baked mini omelets

Baked Mini Omelets


What you need: 





ham chunks




cooking spray


muffin pan


( you can add any other ingredients you want in your omelet)

Baked Mini Omelets

What to do:

Spray pan with cooking spray,  mix 1tsp milk with one egg pour in muffin pan, do this as many times for how many mini omelets you want.  Then add your cheese and ham chunks to the mixed eggs in the muffin pan.  Last bake at 350 for 25-30 min or until done.

Baked Mini Omelets
The kids can add their own ingredients to the eggs.  Adding in ham chunks and cheese was easy for my boys.   Once they are ready it is time to eat!  Quick and easy breakfast or dinner idea.  We love quick and easy.
 Baked Mini Omelets
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