Balls, bean bags, and baskets oh my! {gross motor activity}

My oldest(3yr) loves to throw balls and dance with his bean bag to The Bean Bag Boogie!  We have a basket we keep our bean bags in.  This way we know where they are when we need to dance!  My youngest(1yr), who is now getting more and more involved in all the things big brothers does, has joined in they play with the bean bags.  He loves running around with them and throwing them on the floor.  Little brother has been playing with the plastic balls for a while now and loves throwing them and hitting them together.  We had an empty basket in our play room, I filled it up with all the loose balls.  Now we have a ball toss basket for them to play with.  Or just dump the balls out on the floor basket:-)   Balls, bean bags, and baskets, oh my!  I never knew they would have so much fun with this activity.  Sometimes it seems the simple thing are the best. 

Here are photos of our play time.
Balls, bean bags, and baskets oh my! gross motor

Our set up.
Of course he is holding a hotwheels  too;-)
Coming to get a bean bag.
Yay, I got some!
Now running around with the basket.
They had them every where.  That’s how I know they had fun;-)
Dancing with the bean bag.
Thinking about throwing it.
He scores!!
Now lets dump them out.
Throw again.
Big brother scores too!
Now he is trying to climb in,haha.
Can I get in there mom?
One gets in the other gets in too.
Love this pic of his smile. 
Hope you all can have some simple fun too with ball, bean bag, and basket. Great for motor skills.
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