Banana playdough recipe

We love playdough at my house.  It is our go to activity.  Both my 1.5yr and 4yr love to play in it.  I found a recipe years ago when my oldest start his preschool program to make for his class.  I have been using the same one since.  I have tried a few others but always come back to the one recipe I know is good.  

 Banana playdough recipe

The playdough is easy to make and keeps well.  We store ours in a ziploc bag or plastic container.  We have had one batch for over a year and it is still good.  For each new batch I just change up what scents and colors to go into it.  The possibilities are endless.  
For the recipe follow this link.  And just add yellow food coloring and banana extract to the batch for Banana Playdough.  
My kids love to come help me make playdough sometimes.  They get to dump all the ingredients into the pan.  I then take over mixing it on the stove.  Once its done and has time to cool the kids get to play.  
Since we are big Curious George fans I sat our banana playdough out for the kids with a few Curious George books for an afternoon of reading and playing.  We hope you can have some fun with this too.
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