Beach Time Sensory Sink

A few weeks ago my oldest son grabbed his stool and started playing in the sink.  He was playing with a bucket, a few noodles that were stuck in it(from something else we had played in that day), and some soapy water.  He went and grabbed a spoon and spent quite a bit of time playing.  Since he had such a good time I knew I would have to set him up some sensory sinks to play in.  My mind went to thinking of what to do for him.  I have come up with several ideas.  However this one I am sharing with you today I did on a whim.  It is winter here and even though are weather is no where near as cold as others I have been long for the weather to go back to the beach.  So with the beach on my mind I pulled together a beach theme sink for the kids.  I let both my boys try out a sensory sink theme.  I must say it was a hit with both of them.

Beach Time Sensory Sink

What I used:  
I added sea animal toys, blue fizzy tablets for the bath(we buy these at walmart), coconut extract for scent, plastic ice cubes(I got these at The Dollar Tree), and a little cup of rice( I called this sea animal food for them to feed the animals).
What I did:  
I add the toys and fizzy tablet to the sink.  Then I filled with water.  ext added the coconut scent to the water(about a tsp).  I then placed the ice cubes and rice on the sink for them to add to the sink.  
Both my 4yr and 1.5yr got their own sink to play in.  This was my tots first time playing in the sink.  Since he is shorter even with the stool it was hard for him to reach.  However, this did not stop him from having a really good time.  His laughter and smiles during playtime was continues.  My oldest had fun adding the rice and playing with the ice cubes and toys too.  My tot did get excited with the water splashing and it did get all over the sink and floor.  Big brother though seemed to keep his mess to a minimum.  I have already come up with a better way for little brother to play next time.  And when I say mess it was just splashed water and all you do is wipe it up, easy considering some of the messes we make.  They got to have a great sensory experience while they played and that is what counts to me.  We hope you and your kids might have some fun with a sensory sink too.   
Since my son first got into sink play I have seen a sensory sink by My Nearest and Dearest. We have since been in touch and will be bringing you a fun Sensory Sink series soon.  Check back for more information in a few weeks.  I can’t wait to team up with her!
Here is a link to the intro of sensory sink sunday a new series 
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