Beef stew and cornbread muffins

I love my crock pot as many people do.  How great is it to dump everything in and walk away.  One of our favorites is beef stew and cornbread.
Beef stew

How to make beef stew:  
I bought to small packs of beef tip meat and added them to my crock pot, sprinkle with a little adobo seasoning.  Add beef and chicken stock or just beef.  This day I used 1 box of beef stock and half a box of chicken stock I had in fridge.  Add vegetables ( I did can this day.  You can cut up fresh veg’s or uses frozen.)  I also added a can of potato’s.  You add as much as you want in your soup.  I added to bay leaves and a few sprinkles of Worcestershire sauce.  You can add a little garlic and onion powder too.  Then cook for 6 hours on high or until meat is done.  Note:  If you need more broth while cooking I add chicken or beef bouillon cubes and water. 
How to make cornbread muffins:  
I melt 1 stick of butter in microwave for about 20 seconds.  Then add 2 cups ( I like White Lilly) Corn mill, 1 1/2 cups buttermilk, and 1 egg.  now mix well.  If you mix seems dry you can add a little buttermilk.  Now pour mix in muffin pan( I spray the pan with olive oil).  Cook @ 425 degrees for 12-15 min’s or until golden.
What are you having for dinner tonight?
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