Best Soft Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe

We love cookies over here and these Best Soft Chocolate Chip Cookies are a favorite.  I have been using this recipe for years! We added M&M’s this day.  You can add or leave out whatever you want.  This is a great cookie dough to added to for delicious cookies of all kinds. 
Hope you can enjoy them too.

Best Soft Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe

Best Soft Chocolate Chip Cookies

Ingredients/What you need:

3/4 c shortening, 1-1/4 c firmly packed brown sugar, 2 tbl milk, 1 tbl vanilla, 1 egg, 1-3/4 c self rising flour(that’s what I use), 1 cup milk chocolate chips(You can use semi sweet).

Heat oven to 375 degrees F. 

I like putting foil down on my cookie sheets. Combine shorting, brown sugar, milk, vanilla in a bowl,(i love the kitchen aid) mix well. Then add the egg, mix again.  Combine the flour mix until creamy. then add the choc. chips.  I like the cookie scoop, you can also just use a spoon to drop dough onto baking sheet.  Bake for 8-10 min for chewy(that how we like them) or 11-13 min for crisp.  Do not over bake.  Let cool and then EAT! Makes about 3 dozen

more treats:

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