Bird Craft for Are You My Mother?

Are You My Mother?  Is one of my favorite children’s books.  It is written by P.D. Eastman.  I love reading it to my boys.  My oldest has always been amused by the “snort” in the book.  It is such a cute story of a baby bird trying to find his mother.  If you have not read it yet you should check it out.  I would hope you would love it as much as we do.  Since we love the book so much I felt it was time to do a craft dedicated to the main characters in the book: mama bird and baby bird.  I was going to make these cute bottle cap birds with the boys that Meet The Dubiens shared a few years ago.  I started gathering supplies for the craft and just didn’t have the color and shape bottle caps I needed.  A bit disappointed, I was not going to give up on making birds with my boys.  I started thinking how else could I still make these.  I decided to simply go with cut out paper circles.  Yay, we would still get to make birds.  Now having all the supplies I needed I got the boys to sit at the table to make  their birds.

 Bird Craft for Are You My Mother?

What we used:  
Green cardstock, colored craft feathers, googly eyes, brown construction paper, glue, marker, and scissors. 
What we did:
I used the bottle caps to trace a circle on the brown construction paper and cut them out.  I then let the boys glue the circles and eyes on the paper.  Then they glued on the feathers.  We left them to dry.  I went back and drew on legs and beaks.  Now we had cute baby and mama birds.
The kids were so proud of their birds we now have these hanging up for us to enjoy all the time.  With Mother’s Day coming up this may be a fun craft to do with the kids in honor of mom. I hope you and your kids might get to enjoy them too.

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