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We love to make our own paints.  We love traditional paints too.  Often when we do candy science experiments we take the leftovers and turn them into paints.  We like to use everything we can for playtime before we have to trash it.  Recently we did a candy experiment with Frozen jelly beans in sparkly blueberry and grape flavors.  We used what was left to make Blueberry and Grape Sparkly Paints.  The kids and I both had fun painting with our new paints.  Perfect way to spend our rainy day.


blueberry and grape sparkly paint



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sparkly paints


What we used:


Disney© Frozen Jelly Bean 1 oz Bag – 12 Pack  (the leftovers from a science experiment)


small bowls


paper bowls


purple and blue food coloring




white cardstock


paint brush


purple and blue glitter

DIy sparkly paints


What we did:


We had put jelly beans in water and left to dissolve.  We took the leftover liquid and made paints with them. Take the liquid and add a small amount of flour and mix.  The flour was clumping a bit this time and instead of trying to mix it more I just used my strainer and poured the paints over into our clear bowls from the paper ones I mixed it in.  I added purple food coloring to the grape scented jelly bean liquid to brighten the color and blue to the blueberry one.  The grape had a stronger scent than the blueberry but both had a scent to them.  We added glitter to match the colors.  We mixed the paints up a little more.  



blueberry and grape paint



 Now we had Blueberry and Grape Sparkly Paints to paint with.  Frozen inspired jelly bean paints.  What a great way to spend a rainy day stuck inside with the kids.  


painting with blueberry and grape sparkly paints


My older boys 6yr and 3yr sat down to paint. I had already tried the paints out after making them and I just loved the colors.  We used paint brushes on white cardstock paper for our art project.  We left them to dry overnight. They look great after they dry too. 


blueberry and grape sparkle paints




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