Bottle Cap Wind Chime


I was so excited to hear about  a brand new line of craft supplies for Target called Creatify™!  Just another great reason for me to go to one of my favorite stores.  My husband already hates I take the first 10-15 minutes we are in this store in the dollar section up front, lol.  Now my next stop will be the craft aisle.  We were so grateful to have received a box of free goodies to try out before they hit the stores.  I could not wait to start crafting with the kids once we opened up this box of supplies.  So many possibilities with all these amazing products.  


I had to step back and let the overwhelming amount of ideas I had settle.  I came back and thought more on what would be easy and practical  for us right now.  A new wind chime would be perfect.  This box of supplies had just what we needed to make a beautiful Bottle Cap Wind Chime for outside.





 Bottle Cap Wind Chime




What we used/ supplies:


stick from yard


all tied up and bits and pieces craft supplies from Creatify





bottle caps






wind chime



How to make/ what we did:


We took the colored wire and cut 3 strings.  We wrapped them one by one on the top of the stick.  Next big brother set out patterns of bottle caps, beads, and bells for each wire string.  Now we started threading.  It was colder than we had thought when we headed out so we did this together and quick.  It was also a fun mommy and me project for us.  I just twisted the wire in between patterns to hold the beads in place without falling down.  Last we got out some sparkly string and wrapped and tied it to the stick so we could hang it up.  Off to the tree to add our new Bottle Cap Wind Chime.  Big brother was so happy with how it turned out.


You can follow Creatify™ on Facebook and Horizon group on Facebook for future updates on crafty supplies.



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