Breakfast Pizza

Breakfast Pizza

Dying eggs for Easter is so much fun! Once you have created your beautiful hard boiled Easter eggs though, you then need to find ways to enjoy eating them. Thankfully my son will eat some of them on their own! We have also found it fun to use them to create snacks and meals. One such creation is a hard-boiled egg pizza. It is great for breakfast, lunch or even as a snack.

The pizzas we make have a sandwich thin crust. You could probably use an English muffin or tortilla if your family prefers them.


On top of the crust we add grape tomatoes. Full size tomatoes would work too. They take up a lot of room on the bread so, if you want to you a full size tomato you will just need one slice.



Next three thinly cut hard-boiled egg slices are place on the pizza. It is important to only partially layer them on the tomatoes. The tomatoes won’t really warm up if they have an egg slice sitting on top of them.

Thin strips of cheese are placed on top of the tomatoes and eggs. You can use whatever kind of cheese your family likes. We really like cheddar cheese melted! I have read that Swiss, gruyere, parmesan, jack, Gouda, provolone all melt well. They would be fun to try on this kind of pizza too.

Finally we add a little fun to the hard-boiled egg pizza by placing black olives so they are peeking out from under the cheese on the eggs. They look make the eggs look like eyeballs. Eyeballs that are playing peek-a-boo with you! If your family doesn’t like olives you can leave them off.


Now that we have everything assembles for this hard-boiled egg dish, it is time to pop it in the toaster over or broiler. It doesn’t need to cook for long. Just long enough for the cheese to melt and the edges of the bread to start to burn brown.

Hint: If you want the tomatoes to be more cooked then warm, you can bake the pizza without the cheese for a few minutes. Then add the cheese strips. We found if you cooked the cheese too long it started to brown beyond what is liked at my house.

Here are some other toppings you might want to use on a breakfast pizza:

  • bacon crumbled into small pieces or bacon bits
  • sausage crumbles
  • green peppers sliced into small pieces
  • mushroom slices


What fun it is to use some of those leftover hard boiled Easter eggs to make a a breakfast pizza!




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