Bubbling Pine Cone Science

 Excited to be joining STEM Saturday!  Each week I aim to bring you a new STEM activity for you and the kids to try out.  The amazing thing is we will also get inspiration from the amazing ideas my fellow co-host share too.  See their posts at the end of this page.


 We love holiday and seasonal activities here at my house.  We did not post a lot of winter inspired fun this year.  I had a few ideas I still wanted to try. It is still winter so a few wintry ideas is still fitting.  The kids and I got lucky and had a nice afternoon for a walk.  We went down to the lake and fed the ducks.  On the way back we collected pine cones.  Nature walks are always fun for me and the kids. I had a few ideas for them and the Bubbling Pine Cone Science was one. This was a hit with the boys.  The fussing before I was through gathering everything together was the worst part about this activity.  Once it was all set out and they could get their hands on it, everything went smoothly. Anytime I get an activity set up ahead of time for them is a plus. However, this was not one of those days.  In the end I would do it again and I am pretty sure they would too. 



Bubbling pine cone science



Bubbling Pine Cone Science



pine cone science


What we used/supplies:


pine cones from a nature walk


baking soda






plastic tray


plastic tablecloth






saved fruit cup bowls we use for everything fun



pine cone science


What we did:


I took the pine cones we collected and picked out 2.  I placed them on our tray.  I then put baking soda in the bowl and got vinegar for the other one.  I took the tray outside and placed it on a plastic tablecloth. The kids and I sprinkled the sequins and baking soda mix all over the pine cones.  Once they thought they had enough they began to fill their droppers with vinegar.  Now to make the bubbles start.  Once the vinegar hit the pine cones they started to bubble and foam.


winter science fun for kids




My  3yr and 6yr  both had so much fun with this.  They would sprinkle more baking soda on the pine cones and started the bubbling all over.  They did this over and over.  So many times they went in and brought the entire box of baking soda and gallon of vinegar outside.  I am so glad they enjoyed the Bubbling Pine Cone Science Experiment.  Now we know pine cones can bubble with the right ingredients. 


pine cone bubbling science



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