Bug Themed Activities for Kids

This weeks  ATK series is all about Summer Camp at home, in your neighborhood, play group,etc.  Over the week one blogger will share on a specific theme, giving you ideas for activities, crafts, or snacks to plan a fun summer camp week for the kids.
Bugs are a fascination at my house.  Big brother really enjoys fake and real bugs.  I often find him outside holding a bug and tell him to put it down, lol.    I am all for exploring nature but we want to use caution and explain to him that some insects bite or sting.  These bites can cause unpleasant reactions.  Sometimes the best observation for real bugs is from afar or in a jar.  Little brother definitely likes the fake bugs better.  He and mommy have that in common. He does enjoy looking at real bugs but he would rather do it from a distance or hover over them and then run off.
Either way, real or fake, kids can learn a lot about bugs.  There are many fun play activities, crafts, and snacks that are all about bugs! I set out to search for some of the top bug activities I could find to enjoy a fun bug Summer Camp week at home with my 3 boys.  I hope this post can be a great resource for others that can enjoy this too with their kids.


20+ Bug Activities for Kids:


Melting Insect Sensory Painting by Crayon Box Chronicles 

Mud and Bugs {Sensory Sink}would be great in a sensory bin for a group by FSPDT

Buggy Small World by House of Burke 

Playdough Bug Fossils by No Time For Flash Cards

Insect Sensory Bin by Learn Play Imagine 



Garden Rock Caterpillar by Nellie Bellie 

Yarn Wrapped Bee Craft by Housing a Forrest 

Symmetry Butterfly by Mamas Like Me

10 Cute Bug Crafts by There is Just One Mommy

Dot Marker Butterflies by Plain Vanilla Mom
In doors bug hunt by FSPDT

Sticky Spider Web by Hands on as We Grow

Insect Science Center by Fun A Day

Caterpillar Color Sorting by Toddler Approved

Bug Books~
Bug Books from House of Burke 
Caterpillar and Butterfly Books by House of Burke
Bug Snacks~
After School Snack Ideas from Nestles Kitchens
Fruity Caterpillar Snack for Kids from Kix by Meet the Dubiens 

Babybel Cheese Ladybugs by Cute Food for Kids
Dirt Cake by FSPDT
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