Bunny Chow snack mix- Easter Treat

I got this great idea from http://www.shugarysweets.com.  If you can’t tell I love to give away snack mix!  I knew this mix would be perfect for my small gift baskets I wanted to give out at our Easter Ice Cream party we our having at our house.  Each family will get one basket with snack mix.  Just a little something for the big kids to take home:-)

Bunny Chow snack mix- Easter Treat

What you need: 

2 c pretzel sticks-broken, 14-16 oreos(i kept adding I love oreos, thought about adding more), 2 c m&m’s, spring sprinkles, 1 bag Wilton’s vanilla chips(this is what I used but you could probably use 1 bag vanilla chips that you use in cookies, or candy coating).  Large bowl, wax paper, cookie sheet, Pyrex measuring cup, & spoon.

Bunny Chow snack mix- Easter Treat

What to do: 

Take pretzels, m&m’s, & oreos mix in large bowl.  In microwavable cup or bowl melt vanilla chips( mine took about 2 min’s just check in between), then pour over dry ingredients.  Mix up.  Have wax paper covering a cookie sheet and pour mix on top and spread out.  Now add your spring sprinkles on top.  Let dry. Take and break it into pieces and put in bags.  Now you can eat or gift or maybe both!

Bunny Chow snack mix- Easter Treat

Bunny Chow snack mix- Easter Treat
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