Butterfly Counting Activity


Another month and another fun Busy Bag idea!  Last month we shared Rainbow Color and Shape Match Up. This month we have a Butterfly Counting Activity busy bag to share with you all.  I have been having a lot of fun using my stash of felt for these busy bags.  I got into it again this month and made some butterflies.  I love finding fun ways to get little brother counting.  This butterfly busy bag was perfect.  Hands on learning is usually a hit at my house.


Butterfly Counting Activity for Kids



Butterfly Counting Activity




What I used / supplies:


felt in pink, purple, blue, and white








pom poms


glue gun



What I did/ how to make:


I stacked the five pieces of colored felt. I put one on top of the other.  I took my pencil and traced a butterfly out on the white felt. I then cut the butterflies out while still stacked.  I was in a hurry so only wanted to cut once.  Once I had them cut out I grabbed the sharpies.  I wrote out numbers 1-10 on the felt butterflies.  I took scrap felt and cut out antennas.  I used the hot glue gun to attach the antennas to the butterflies.




Now we had our Butterfly Counting Activity ready to go! I sat all 10 of the felt butterflies out on the table, a cork board, and a bowl of pom poms.  Now little brother sat down to start counting out pom poms to go with his felt butterflies.


This is a great activity to use for color matching.  You can also let them make patterns with the felt butterflies and pom poms.  I am thinking big brother could use them and do some addition and subtractions problems too. We will try to get as much use out of them as we can.


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