Butterfly Footprint Art

 A few years ago I made butterfly footprints with  the baby brothers.  This was part of our Mother’s Day decor for the art wall in the house.  They were so cute!  I never got around to blogging about it.  I have told myself  I will make them again with the kids soon.  Finally the time came and we did make new butterfly footprint art.  This time we made them for Valentine’s Day to decorate our art wall.  Baby brother’s feet have grown but they are still as cute as before.  


This is day 2 of We Heart Print Crafts brought to you by us and House of Burke!

butterfly footprint art you make my heart flutter






Butterfly Footprint Art

butterfly footprint art

 What we used/Supplies:


white cardstock


yellow crayola paint




kids footprint and fingerprints


butterfly footprint art for kids


You can see the above picture is blurry and that is one reason you do not see pictures of the kids making prints sometimes.  Especially baby brother.  It often takes me and my husband just to get his print more or less as well as me take a picture of it too, lol.   My husband holds him and I paint his foot.  We press his foot down on the paper.  This is all quite comical.  I then wipe with paper towel and then a baby wipe. The funny part is baby brother wants to touch his painted foot and mommy and daddy do not want to be covered in paint. This paint is washable.  And this does not take long when you have help and come prepared with paper towels and wipes handy.  The older boys are pros at this by now so I can do print art with them and on my own.  


 What to do:


Place your paper out on a flat surface.  We used the dinning room table.  Have wipes and paper towels close by.  Grab your paint.  I have applied the paint many ways and find using my finger to paint their foot or hand is the easiest for me.  After I paint it, I wipe my finger off on the paper.  Then I help press their foot down on the paper to make a print.  We did both feet in a slight V shape.  I left them to dry.  After dry I used his fingerprint to make the butterflies body.  I needed to fill in more space so I went over them with my fingerprint because it is bigger.  I left it to dry again.  Once dry, I got out the sharpies.  I added a pink design to the “wings” and gave the butterfly a face.  Last, I wrote “You make my heart flutter” beside the butterfly.


butterfly footprint you make my heart flutter



 Now we have  simple and cute print art to hang up for the holiday.  I love seeing the different size of all 3 kids.  Such a mommy moment to think at one time the older boys prints were just as small as baby brother.  And to think baby brothers prints are catching up to the older boys.  Oh, my sweet boys are growing fast.  I love that we get to spend time together playing, crafting, cooking, and more each year.  These moments I will hold in my heart forever.


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we heart print crafts


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