Butterfly House Craft and Butterfly Bait

We love simple and fun crafts at my house.  Making a butterfly house was a great way to enjoy our afternoon together.  After we decorated it, we went outside to see if any butterflies would stop by.  A few days later we made butterfly bait and went out to look for butterflies again.  It has been fun butterfly watching at the house.


Butterfly House Craft for Kids


Butterfly House Craft and Butterfly Bait



Supplies/what we used:


wooden butterfly house from creatify – thanks for the free supplies.  You can find these at Target stores.


foam stickers-  we got ours from crafprojectideas.com, thanks for the free goodies.




How to make:


Let the kids pick out stickers and apply them to the house.  We kept ours simple and we just love how it turned out.  The possibilities are endless though on how to decorate.  You could paint it or add some jewels.  Let the kids help decide how to decorate this butterfly house.


Of course mine picked out butterfly foam stickers from the craft closet to add to our butterfly house.



Once the house was ready we sat it outside in hopes that we may see a butterfly.  Now we can have fun sitting and watching for butterflies.  The kids get so excited when one flies by.  We have yet to see one go to it but we sure do have a great time outside together looking.


We tried Butterfly Bait  to see if this increases our chances of getting a butterfly in our house. I also made a tag for the jar we put it in.  We are still not sure this is increasing our chances of seeing butterflies but we are having fun outside together.



butterfly bait




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