Calming Lavender Water Bin- Sensory Play For Kids

Are you ready for five weeks of water bin fun?  We have teamed up with Sugar Aunts to bring you Play The Summer Away: water bin play for kids.  Click HERE to read all about it.  Our first theme this month is lavender and the color purple.  We had a lot of fun playing as a family in this bin.  Since daddy was home he got in on the fun too.  Water play is great for kids to explore their senses and for the whole family to have fun together.  It’s also a good way to stay cool too.  The kids had a lot of fun pouring water on mommy and daddy and we didn’t mind.  Even baby brother got to get his feet wet.
calming lavender water bin for kids

 Calming Lavender Water Bin- Sensory Play For Kids


What we used:
color tablets for the tub(get at walmart)
bath toys and containers
lavender bubble bath(get at walmart)
foam circles from dollar tree
What we did:
We added water to the water bin.  Next daddy added red and blue color tablets to the water and went over with the boys how red and blue mixed together made purple.   I added a little lavender bubble bath to their squirt containers and let them add it to the water.  Now we had a calming scent to play in.  I set all the toys and containers up on our plastic box outside for them to grab what they wanted.  I also had set out the water bin on their picnic table outside to raise it off the ground.
Making purple water
The boys couldn’t wait to start playing in their calming lavender and color purple water bin.  They have so much fun with just water and containers most days that they loved some new added fun.  We did this before bath time to try and relax for the night.  They scooped and poured lots of water and squirted water from their containers( all which helps their motor skills).  They always like to see what will sink and float in the water.  We talked not only about the color purple but also about the toys and other things we had out.  The foam sheets were circles so we went over the shape too while playing.  We planted our flowers down in containers of water.  Somehow while playing it turned into a “pedicure” for us in the water bin. My oldest had gone with me that day for a pedicure and he wanted to recreate that in his bin.  We all took turns putting our feet in the water and pouring more water over our feet.  We all had a  nice relaxing time playing in our water bin.  This themed water bin would also work great in a water table, sink, or tub.  There are always so many ways we can play and explore with water.  Make sure to come back next week to see what new fun we get into this week.
Want to see more ideas for how you can play in a lavender water bin?  Stop over to Sugar Aunts to see what fun they had this week in their Relaxing Lavender Water Bin.  I always love seeing the ideas they have for a project and think you will too.
Pinterest board for WATER BINS AND WATER TABLES HERE if you would like to follow along.
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