Candy Cherry Blossom Tree

This week is all about my love for the cherry tree.  And since we have yet to get a real one, crafting them with the kids will have to do.  Today I am sharing our simple and elegant Candy Cherry Tree with you.  I love simple and no fuss and that is exactly what this craft is. The kids really enjoyed getting the jelly beans out to make a tree with.
Candy Cherry Blossom Tree

 Candy Cherry Blossom Tree

Candy Cherry Blossom Tree
Supplies/What we used:
pink jelly beans
white cardstock paper
brown glue we made for our M&m’s turkey handprint craft
clear glue
Candy Cherry Blossom Tree
What we did:
We drew a tree trunk with the brown glue.  Then my son used clear glue to apply all the jelly beans to the tree top.  
Candy Cherry Blossom Tree
I love the clean and simple look of the cherry tree.  We also had fun eating a few jelly beans while we created our craft.  And yes, we tasted the ones without glue!  
We hope you and your kids can enjoy this simple craft too.
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