Candy mold crayons

Candy Mold Crayons
I have seen a few ways to recycle broken crayons or just make your own great shapes and colors out of regular crayons.  This site is the one that used the candy molds. 
What you need:  crayons, candy mold, and Pyrex measuring cup or microwavable bowl. 
What to do:  Take the crayons and peel any paper on them off.  Then put the color or colors as big brother wanted to do, in the measuring cup.  Microwave until melted.  This took us a few min.  Just melt in about 30 sec intervals and check and stir in between microwaving.  When melted pour into candy mold.  Now let them cool and harden. 
Then GO COLOR! Big brothers came out a brown color since he mixed them all together.  Next time I would like to do single colors.  He then colored and drove his car crayons on the paper.
Candy mold crayons

He said they looked like chocolate and wanted to try them.  I laughed and said no they are not food but they do look like chocolate since they came out brown:-)

He really enjoyed making these and coloring with them:-)

This is a fun way to color and re-use old crayons or just use new crayons and make these fun shapes!

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