Candy Science

We love simple science at my house.  Science is fun to me and trying out new experiments with the kids is even more fun.  I love trying to find fun ways for them to learn.  Just exposing them to new things at an early age is important to me.  Simple cause and effect is an easy concept to show them.  Always so much to learn with simple experiments.  Candy science is one of our favorite ways to experiment.  Nothing like getting that old candy out and putting it to good use.



Candy Science for Kids



Candy Science



What we used:


M & M’s and Skittles


muffin tin










What we did:


Fill the muffin tin with water, vinegar, and soda.  We did the same on each side.  We then placed skittles in one of the 3 solutions.  Next we placed the M & M’s in the next 3 solutions.  Then we waited.




While we waited we talked about what we thought would happen.  Would they grow like our Gummy Bear Science Experiment did?  Or, would they dissolve like our Jelly Bean Science Experiment did.   We did not know but enjoyed making guesses. We quickly noticed the color of the clear liquids changing to the color of the candy.  The color was disolving in the water.  But we did not know what would happen next.



After a little while we noticed something pretty cool with the M & M in the water solution.  The letter M was floating on top of the water.  Wow, the kids got a kick out of this.  Since the candy coating and letter are not water soluble they float and will not dissolve like the candy coloring did. Now the kids wanted to keep putting M & M’s in water to see if it would keep happening. This was really easy to do with my young kids and fun too.  Introducing simple science to young kids can be a great way to spend an afternoon learning and having fun.

Updated from 2015

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