Candy Surprise Rice Krispy Treats- using leftover candy

Anyone else trying to figure out what to do with all that candy the kids bring home!  We always come home with more than we could or should eat.  We like to donate a little, play, craft, and eat a little. I also love making these yummy Candy Surprise Rice Krispy Treats each year.  It is quickly becoming a holiday tradition at our house.  And I do not hear any complaining.
Candy Surprise rice krispy treats

This is a fun and easy treat to make with te kids and of course even more fun to eat with them.  I grew up making treats with my mom and I love doing the same thing with my kids now.  It is a great way for us to bond and make memories all at the same time. 
Baking or non- baking with the kids is also a great way to introduce measurements. This is great for young kids as well as with the older ones.  The kids are learning wonderful life lessons while doing this fun activity too.  We even threw in going over the candy colors and shapes for some extra learning fun.  My son, on his own, started counting the candy pieces.  He was practicing math skills and did not even think about it.  
I hope you and your kids can have some fun times making memories, learning, and eating yummy treats too.
What I used:
orange marshmallows, butter, rice krispy cereal, candy corn, and peanut butter M&Ms( do not eat if allergic to peanuts! Use plain or another candy of your choice).  Pot and spoon.  Glass dish and cooking spray.
What I did:
Heat 3 tbp of butter in a large pot on the stove.  Add 4 cups of marshmallows.  Stir until melted.  Add 6 cups of cereal  and mix.  Add as much or as little of the candy of your choice to the mix.  You can turn stove off at this point.  You do not need to melt the candy.  Pour the mix over into the glass or metal dish coated with cooking spray.  Now let cool before serving.
I cannot wait for fall each year just to bite into one of these sweet treats.  Oh, I can taste them now.  Need to get out my supplies to make these again this year real soon.  
Sorry for only having one photo but they did not stay around long enough for me to photograph, lol.  

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