Cardboard & Chalk {Fun Activity for The Kids}

Cardboard & Chalk kid Activity

My oldest loves the big sidewalk chalk.  We have been playing with it for some time now.  We have tried liquid chalk a few times as well.  We also enjoy it.  My youngest is now at an age that he can get involved in chalk fun too.  I got this great idea from a friends picture on FB.  She had her daughter sitting outside coloring a cardboard box with chalk!  I thought to myself this is brilliant.  It would be perfect for my youngest to color with chalk without having to be in our driveway( which is sloped a bit and it worries me that he will run down it and fall).  I don’t know what I have been waiting on but we finally got out  on the deck and tried it out.  It has been a huge success at my house!


What we used: 


I didn’t have a cardboard box so I used the cardboard piece from the bottom of our waters and soft drink containers and  large sidewalk chalk.

What to do: 


Give it to the kids and let them have fun!  You can also add lots of learning to this activity.

Our play.
Cardboard & Chalk Activity
Boys coloring together.
Cardboard & Chalk Activity
Mark making.
Cardboard & Chalk Activity
We keep the chalk in a wipe box.  It works great for storage.
Cardboard & Chalk Activity
Love this face.
Cardboard & Chalk Activity
Love this picture too.  This activity is great for his hand muscles and can help him with mark making.  You can also practice writing letters while playing.  We also went over the colors of the chalk.  I wrote out letters and went over a few of those too.  You could draw shapes and talk about those…..

Cardboard & Chalk Activity

The 3 of us had lots of fun coloring with chalk and learning along the way.  We have done this same activity over and over.  We started this last fall.  We have recently had nice enough weather that the kids have been back outside enjoying it again.  I hope you and your kids can have some chalk fun too.

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