Cardboard City-one way to recycle

I have seen tons of pictures of other mothers that turn cardboard, paper, carpet,etc into roads and city for their children to play on.  We have done a chalk city in our garage before on a rainy day and my son loved it.  So with Earth day coming up this Sunday, I thought I would share how we turned our cardboard bottoms from our waters and cokes we buy into a “Cardboard City”.  I will say I am no artist.  This would have been a good project for my husband.  Thank goodness my son loves me and was OK with what mommy was able to make:-)  Earth day or not this is a fun activity for the kids.

earth day activity for kids

This picture above has both my boys in it and out of all the toys my youngest has the book:-)

Cardboard City-one way to recycle-earth day activity for kids

Wow, what a difference between my good camera above and my cell camera below,lol.  oh well, you can see him having fun in both.

Cardboard City-one way to recycle- earth day activity for kids
Cardboard City-one way to recycle- earth day activity for kids

What we used: 

cardboard , sharpies, and painters tape.

What to do:  

create a city of fun for your child or children to play.  My son uses his matchbox cars to play on his.  Possibilities are probably endless.


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