Cars Sensory Bin

My 2 older boys love Disney’s movie Cars.  We have the first and second movie, Mater Tales movie, several books, and of course the toy cars.  I find myself often wondering what we could do with all these Cars toys. Well, this day I decided to collect them all and set up a sensory bin for my son.  A sensory bin is any bin that involves some elements of our senses.   This bin is great for sight and touch.  Any time my kids play, we always have the sense of sound,lol.  I couldn’t wait to see my son’s face when he found the sensory bin I set up for him.
Cars Sensory Bin for Kids 

Cars Sensory Bin


What I used/ supplies:

street signs

wooden blocks

paper streets




What I did/ how to make: I found these printable signs here at doodles and jots and printed them out and laminated them before I cut them out.  I gathered wooden blocks and put them in a bowl.  I drew our yellow lines on black paper and cut to make strips of road.  Last, I set the Cars in and waited to show my son.


Since little brother has torn up some of our papers from other activities, I let big brother have the bin first while little brother was napping.  This way he got to explore everything while it was still in one piece.  Little brother did get to play later and enjoyed it.  I don’t think he tore up one piece, yay for him.

Big brother had a  lot of fun playing in this bin.  He thought it was so cool to have all his Cars in one place.  He loved the signs and quickly needed tape to tape them around.  He had so much fun playing.  He was able to work on critical thinking while playing.  He was able to build with the blocks and use his creativity.  He also learned a little about what different street signs meant.  Sometimes I don’t stop to think how much learning we really do even with these simple play ideas.  
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