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Simple Craft Stick Color Sort

  I love to find simple and fun ways to add learning to our days.  This craft stick color sort is just that simple and fun.  I used things I had on hand and set up a a tray and invited my younger kids

Edible Cream Cheese Playdough

Whoo, it is time for this month’s 12 months of sensory dough post!  This time we are sharing a new edible playdough recipe with you.  We have shared edible peanut butter playdough, edible frosting playdough, and Marshmallow Playdough-edible & fun before.  Today I have a new

Edible Frosting Playdough

Can you believe we have made it to the end of the year!  Or almost, but for 12 Months of Sensory Dough this is the end of the year for us today. I have had a blast sharing new play recipes each month.  This

Taste Safe Finger Paint

All of my kids, as babies and toddlers, have loved to put things in their mouth and chew on almost everything.  With this in mind, when I do activities with all 3 of my kids, I have to try and find ways to be

Edible Apple Sensory Bin

If you follow along then you know I have been living, breathing, and dreaming apples, lol.  One activity keeps snowballing into another.  The kids are loving them so we just keep on having fun. As the mom to 3 kids  of all different ages, I have

Pom Pom Drop Fine Motor Skills

Pom poms have so many uses and not just for crafting.  All of my kids have loved to drop small items down into bottles or containers. They just can not seem to get enough of it.  My kids are 1-5yr right now.  They all

Rainbow Finger Bath Paint

With St. Patrick’s Day coming up I have been dreaming of rainbows and gold coins.  As a family, we have come to enjoy holidays in our own way.  They just give us an excuse to have “themed fun” building up to the special occasion.  We

Mini Valentines- fine motor skills

While at Target the other day I was looking through the dollar section and came across some cute  Valentines Day mailboxes.  I just had to get them.  My kids love “writing letters” and mailing them.  These mailboxes would be perfect for them to play with.  I decided to set them up with an invitation to play

10+ Baby Play Activities

I thought it would be fun to look back at the few posts I shared last year with baby brother.  Seeing how he has grown over the year and in looking through the posts I realized I had yet to do a 10 Things

Edible Peanut Butter Playdough

When my oldest was about 1.5 years old I set out to make him edible playdough.  I googled how to make it and wrote down the directions. I whipped him up a batch and we had a good time playing in it.  I saved

Gingerbread Bath Paint~ baby safe

  Baby brother just loved his first finger paints for the tub I made him.  I just loved watching him as he explored painting in the tub for the first time.  A simple and fun sensory activity for baby has been his bath paints.  With the Christmas holiday coming