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Gift Guide for Toddler Bath Toys

Bath time is a great time to let the kids play.  There are so many fun toys that can be added to bath time.  My kids love getting in the bath to play in the water.  In the colder months bath time is the

Calming Lavender Bath for Kids

“I participated in Influencer Activation on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Baby Mantra. I received product samples to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for participating.” My 3 children all have sensitive skin.  I am always looking for great

Tie Dye Foam Bath Paint

We love to add a little extra fun to bath time at my house.  We often take messy play to the tub before bath so we can just wash it away.  That is exactly what we did this night.  I made the kids some

10 Bath Activities Kids Love

We love simple yet fun bath time at my house.  The bath is such a fun place to play.  Bath time alone offers kids a fun sensory experience.  We love to add a little learning and extra sensory fun to ours sometimes.  Today I am sharing 10+ of

Rainbow Finger Bath Paint

With St. Patrick’s Day coming up I have been dreaming of rainbows and gold coins.  As a family, we have come to enjoy holidays in our own way.  They just give us an excuse to have “themed fun” building up to the special occasion.  We

Glow Stick and Balloon Birthday Bath Activity

Do you have birthday traditions with your kids?  We started a  birthday bath tradition with big brother last year.  So when his birthday came back around, it was time for a new birthday bath!  Last year we did a simple and fun Birthday Bath.

Gingerbread Bath Paint~ baby safe

  Baby brother just loved his first finger paints for the tub I made him.  I just loved watching him as he explored painting in the tub for the first time.  A simple and fun sensory activity for baby has been his bath paints.  With the Christmas holiday coming

Sponge Bath Activity- easy and fun

I love cheap, easy,and fun.  This bath activity is just that.  I love finding ways to add a little extra fun to bath time over here at my house.  Since baby brother joined the family, bath time has been a bit crazy over here.

Homemade Bath Paint- perfect for sick kids

    Do you ever have those days when the kids are sick and you just cant seem to find anything they want to do.  It seems no matter what you suggest they just want to complain.  Well, I know when we don’t feel well we are not always agreeable.  I do

scented flour bath paint recipe

Do your kids love to paint in the tub?  My boys love getting in the tub and painting it.  I enjoy finding new ways or cheap ways for them to do this.  We have painted the tub many times and I am sure we

Alphabet Soup Bath

Here is an easy to put together bath.  It is fun and educational for the kids.  My kids love to go into the bathroom to find a fun bath set up for them to enjoy.   For this night I got out 2 bowls and

Easy & Yummy Birthday Bath

My oldest turned 4yr at the end of last year.  And with each passing year we have spent many ways celebrating his special day.  For this one we added a birthday themed bath.  My husband had him outside playing so I got to set

Thomas The Train Bath For Kids

So do we have any other Thomas fans out here?  My kids love Thomas the train.  We watch the Thomas cartoons, the movies, read the books, have the toys, wear the shirts, go to see him at Day Out With Thomas once a year…  We just