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Peppermint Cloud Dough

I know we still have a little while till Christmas but it is never too early to get in the holiday spirit. My kids actually kept their small Christmas tree up all year in their room.  They just could not part with the lights.  I

Ultimate Nerf Gun Gift Guide

As the mom of three boys I guess stepping on Nerf darts and finding Nerf guns hiding under my bed was bound to happen one day.   Well, those days are here!  Over the last few years my boys have gotten a few Nerf guns

Grinch Paper Plate Craft

How the Grinch Stole Christmas is one of our family movie traditions.  We watch it every year.  The kids just love it and so do I.  So to extend the movie we mad a fun Grinch paper plate craft to hang on the art

Snowman Ball Toss Game

My kids never sit still for long.  I am always looking for simple yet fun ways to keep them busy.  Gross motor activities are great to keep them moving and improving their large muscle groups.  This snowman ball toss game was a great gross

Sugar Cookie Cloud Dough

It is time for another fun play recipe!  This time, for 12 Months of Sensory Dough, we are playing with cloud dough.  So many fun recipes for cloud dough.  You can see how the kids and I played with it recently here:  Peppermint Cloud Dough.  When it

The Ultimate Fortnite Gift Guide

If you have ever heard the words chug jug, boogie bomb, med kit, floss…. Chances are you have a Fortnite loving gamer in your life. The Ultimate Fortnite Gift Guide is for them! I have 3 children and they all like something related to Fortnite

Fork Painted Christmas Tree Craft

We are so excited to start Christmas crafting at the house.  While the kids are little we have enjoyed Christmas with crafting, baking, and playing holiday themed games.  We had some cardboard sitting out and I thought it would be perfect to make fork

Candy Cane Kiss Sugar Cookie Recipe

Christmas is going to be here before I know it!  But it is never too late to get in the kitchen with the kids and make yummy treats for family and friends.  The kids and I often make friends at places we frequent.  So

The Ultimate Christmas Book List for Ages 2-6

We love books. And holiday books for some reason, always seem extra special.  Over the last few years we have been working on a Christmas book collection.  This year we had enough books to make a Book Advent Calendar out of them.  We still have many

Wooden Toys for Toddlers

I love wooden toys!  Wooden toys seem to last forever.  There is such an amazing variety of toys out there.  I wanted to put a few on my toddler’s wish list so I went searching for the best ones around.  I saw some favorite classics,

Christmas Crafts for Kids

It is time to start thinking about what fun Christmas craft to try with the kids this year.  Spending time crafting with kids is a fun way to spend time together.  It is also fun to make crafts for others.  I know my kids

Christmas Tree Christmas Card

  This month’s All Things Kids Series is focused on Christmas!  One of my favorite times of the year.  I love the decorations, music, movies, food!  I also love crafting with my kids.  We set out to create stackadoo Christmas Cards.  We came up with fun Christmas Tree Cards

10 Snowman Activities For The Kids

I just adore the cute holiday snowman.  It is one of my favorite Christmas and winter holiday decorations.  I love finding fun activities and crafts for me and the kids to do with a snowman theme.  We have tried several already.  This year we have set out to try

Star Wars Gift Guide for Kids

My husband is a big Star Wars fan!  And now that the kids are getting older they have gone to the dark side and are huge Star Wars fans.  Since they are all such fans of course my mind went to a Star Wars