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Robot Juice Carton Bird Feeder

We love feeding the birds.  We also love making our own bird feeders.  Since I had robots on my mind and a juice carton sitting in my keep for project pile, it just seemed right to create a  Robot Juice Carton Bird Feeder with

10 Earth Day Activities for Kids

We love to find fun ways to celebrate Earth Day over here. Teaching the kids how to care for the Earth is important, but having a little fun along the way is ok too. This post is packed full of kid activities for Earth Day.  10 Earth

Milk Carton Bird Feeder ~ Earth Day project for kids

I was looking for earth day projects and saw this diy bird feeder.  We could recycle our milk carton and make a bird feeder for earth day.  This was perfect to teach recycling items with the kids and to go over the important of helping the earth  by feeding birds. We

Dirt Cake(Aka oreo cake) For Earth Day

Dirt cake is not an original idea it has been done several times.  The name speaks for itself “dirt cake”.  People have been making this in flower pots and with candy worms etc… forever.  So, what better desert to make for Earth day!  It

Handprint Wreath for Earth Day-kid craft

Earth Day should be everyday but with a set day of recognition it helps remind me to make sure the kids understand how to help the planet. To do this with small kids I find doing simple crafts and activities with them make learning

10 Ways to Craft and Play with Recycled Materials

  This month ATK series brings you a fun series on ways to use recycled materials in play activities and crafts.  This month’s participants are Sugar Aunts, Mamas Like Me, Crayon Box Chronicles, House of Burke, Fun A Day, and us, FSPDT.  Each of us have some

Gardening With Kids- planting flowers

We love Little Critter books over here.  My mother in law gave my oldest his first one about 2 years ago and he was hooked.  Since then our collection has grown to over 50.  ( yes wow)  I often kid we could build a

Bird Feeders From Plastic Lids

We love these easy and fun plastic lid bird feeders.  We have made them many times after being inspired by Meet the Dubiens play-doh lid bird feeders.  Here is our last post on these feeders for the how to make the lids.  This is

Sticky Paper Earth- kids activity

  We just got our first roll of contact (or sticky) paper this week!  I have been busy setting up a few different activities for the kids to try it out.  With Earth Day coming up a Sticky Paper Earth Day wall activity sounded

Cardboard City-one way to recycle

I have seen tons of pictures of other mothers that turn cardboard, paper, carpet,etc into roads and city for their children to play on.  We have done a chalk city in our garage before on a rainy day and my son loved it.  So

Indian headband

We are making rain sticks for Earth Day and I thought we should have Indian headbands to go with it.  This way we can go outside with our rain sticks and headbands and do a rain dance!  This site Kidscraftzone has the feather template I

Rain Stick/Music Stick

This is part of our Earth Day activities at my house.  I first got the idea from this site The Imagination Tree.  It also has directions.  Since seeing this idea I have searched on my own how to make a rainmaker or rain stick and come