Easter Archive

Jelly Bean Science Experiment

  Do you and the kids love candy science?  We do over here at my house.  Finding ways to use up candy that does not include eating it is always a plus at my house.  So what better to do with a few bags

My Garden Easter Basket

This post brought to you by The Hershey Company. The content and opinions expressed below are that of Frogs Snails And Puppy Dog Tails. Even before I became a mom I would make my husband an Easter “basket” each year.  I love finding fun

Easter egg wreath

Easter is right around the corner and I can’t wait to put out my holiday decorations.  This year I tried something new a DIY Easter Egg Wreath.  The wreath is not costly to make and easy too.  I just love the colors of the

Chick Handprint Art

We love trying out new print art for each holiday.  With Easter right around the corner we decided to try the classic handprint chicks this year.  I love print art because I can do it with my multiaged kids and I get a keepsake

Number Learning Gross Motor Activity

I have 3 boys ages 1-5 yr and they never STOP!  I know all kids like to go, go, go but all kids are a little different too.  Mine never stay still and always like to be busy doing something.  I can not say much as they take after me.

Deviled Eggs

  This weeks A-Z cooking with kids is all about EGGS!  How awesome is that with Easter this weekend?  We made some of our traditional deviled eggs with an Easter twist.  Getting the kids in the kitchen with me is always fun.  You never

Amazing Easter Science Experiments

Science is fun anytime at my house.  With Easter coming up I thought it would be fun to get some Easter Science Experiment inspirations.  We love to add fun themes to some of our experiments.  This collection shows you that other love it too.

Egg Painting

We had Jelly Bean Paints left and a bunch of hard boiled eggs we had decorated.  I had held on to them a few days too many and knew it was time for them to go to the trash.  We had a lot of

Easter Egg Volcanoes

  There are some simple science experiments that we just never get tired of.  The great thing about having 3 kids all different ages is that each one of them gets to enjoy activities I have done with the other kids before.  The older

Chick Paper Plate Craft

Special guest post from Coffee Cups and Crayons! Spring is almost here are we are ready for all of the cuteness the season brings! This adorable baby chick paper plate craft is one of our favorites. I love how to see how the handprint

Gummies Math

I love finding fun ways to add learning into our activities.  Today we got a pack of Easter gummies out of the pantry and put them to good use.  Gummies Math was a big hit with the older kids.  Even baby brother enjoyed sneaking

Chick Rocket

Can you make a rocket out of an Easter Egg Chick? We deiced to put the theory to the test.  We recently tried the alka-seltzer rockets and my kids love them.  When looking at our Easter chick eggs I wondered if we could turn them into

Marshmallow Squares {An Easter Treat}

    I am a lover of Pinterest and while quickly scanning what my friends had been pinning I saw a marshmallow and chocolate Easter treat picture that looked good.  I made a internal note and went on.  Well, today while looking through what I had on hand to make